Posted 11 Sep 2013

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How to add a new poem to an ‘anthology’ or start your own

Our ‘Anthologies’ feature is now live on the site – hurray!

Anthologies are communal collections of poetry by members which can be about anything – from world events in the news, to your own environment. From birds, bombs, banks and badgers, to heartache, Hegel and hedgehogs. World affairs to weevils. We think inspiration is endless!

Anthologies are a bit like hashtags on Twitter allowing you to join with other members to create a body of work on a particular subject that inspires you all. It’s a great way to make contact with other members on the site, too. We’ll be making some suggestions for Anthologies but any PoetryZoo member can start an Anthology. And here’s how you do it… It’s as easy as this:

Create an Anthology

To start an Anthology, simply click ‘Explore’, then ‘Create Anthology’ – then just give it a name, and that’s it!


Add poems to an Anthology

To add poems to an Anthology, simply click ‘Add Poem’ on any Anthology, which brings up a list of all your own poems with a box by each – just click on the box for every poem you want to add to that Anthology; then click ‘Add poems to Anthology’ at the bottom of the page. And that’s it!

Or, if you have any Anthology open, there is an ‘Add Poem’ button there too, under the Anthology title – then just click as above.

You can even just click ‘Try it!’ and follow the steps above.



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by The PoetryZoo Keeper