Posted 2 Nov 2013

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Build your readership – and follow your favourites!

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H Koppdelaney


 Our great new ‘Readers and Reading’ feature has now gone live – hooray! Here’s how to do it…

‘Readers and Reading’ works quite like Twitter’s ‘Followers and Following’. It means you can build up ‘Readers’ of your work – and whenever you like another member’s work, choose them as someone you are ‘Reading’.

It’s easy to do! To become a ‘Reader’ you just click on the red ‘Read’ button – there’s one in every member’s Poetry Window.

When members become your ‘Readers’, you can see them listed with their name and pic in your Poetry Window – just click ‘Readers’. You have the option to make them someone you are ‘Reading’ – again, just click on the ‘Read’ button. You can click through to their Poetry Window to find out more first!

You can also become a ‘Reader’ of a communal Anthology – maybe something you have started or contributed to, or just find of interest – just click that ‘Read’ button again – it will show up on your ‘Reading’ list so you can follow the Anthology’s progress…

If you ever change your mind, simply click ‘Stop Reading’.

‘Anthologies’ is a good place to find work you like – and to be found by ‘Readers’. Just click on ‘Explore’ to find ‘Anthologies’ and see what’s going on. Likewise, you can check out Recent Poems and Random Poems here by members from everywhere on the site by clicking ‘Poems’.

To find out more about ‘Anthologies’ – another newly-launched feature – check out our Muse post here.

We hope you enjoy ‘Readers and Reading’ – finding audiences for your work, discovering great new writers – and making amazing and supportive connections.


by The PoetryZoo Keeper