Words made the difference

Posted 6 Dec 2013

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Call for poetry: The Nelson Mandela International Poetry tribute…(more)

Words made the difference

Nelson Mandela using words to change the world courtesy of The Guardian

Tears. Sorrow. Joy, gratitude and appreciation. It was with immense sadness – but also a sense of grace that his physical suffering had ended and that it had been a long life of huge positive significance – that we learned of the death of Nelson Mandela.

He was a global figure who brought a message of reconciliation rather than retribution, despite his own suffering and the nature of the apartheid regime which he had opposed. It was this that made Nelson Mandela a true inspiration to millions around the world, a man who was prepared to lay down his own life to affect the change needed to rectify the glaring abomination of apartheid – and we have opened an anthology in his honour. . .

What did Nelson Mandela mean to you? How did his message affect the world? What do you feel on learning of his death? What are your personal memories and reflections? Did he inspire you? Maybe you took part, in some way, to help end apartheid. How do you think his legacy will endure? We hope you will contribute to the PoetryZoo anthology at http://poetryzoo.com/anthologies/272 – just click on the anthology and tick the poem you want to add.

If you have friends who want to contribute poems but are not members, please email their work to Mandela@poetryzoo.com. Or if you want to contribute other poems (with permission) from anyone you come across, use this same address.

Soundfiles and videos can be attached to poems

As the world reacts with passion to his death, we want to make our PoetryZoo anthology a fitting international tribute to Nelson Mandela: Madiba, Tata.


by The PoetryZoo Keeper