Posted 3 May 2014

in Hints & Tips

How to build your own collections

There will probably come a time when you want to form a Collection of your work. Maybe because you have enough poems; or maybe you want to import a whole collection you have already written. You might also want to build a Collection – or Collections – as you ‘go along’, according to different subject matter in your work. You can start as many as you like and keep adding work. You can arrange and re-arrange the poems in your Collection, simply by dragging and dropping the tiles wherever you want.

So how do you do it?

1. At the bottom of your Poetry Window, you’ll see the darker-coloured ‘Collections’ tiles – Press ‘New Collection’.  Write a title for your Collection, then click ‘Add Collection’ – and that’s it!

2. To add poems, simply open a collection and click the “add poem” button on the main collection screen. Alternatively you can add a poem as part of the publishing process by checking the boxes next to the collections you want your published poem to appear in.


And there you have it – a collection complete with poems.

To organise your poems in the order you want, simply open your collection, click “edit collection, then drag and drop the poem tiles.

You could also use the Collections feature to arrange a ‘set list’ of poems for a particular reading – and if you want to make some last minute changes to the order, just move the tiles around.

Collections is a great way to organise and present finished work, exactly in the order you want it to appear – free of any timeline restraints – so we hope you enjoy this function. Any problems, just ask –

by The PoetryZoo Keeper