Posted 4 Jun 2014

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Pushin’ Poetry! Free underground tickets for reciters of Pushkin…(more)




The Siberian city of  Novosibirsk has come up with a brilliant way to celebrate the 215th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin’s birth: free underground tickets for anyone who can recite at least two verses by the great Russian poet.

School children, teachers, librarians and students will be in place at metro station entrances to check out citizens’ poetic memories. The event has been organised by ‘Native Word’, which promotes Russian language and culture.  To add to the atmosphere, there will also be Pushkin readings inside stations.

PoetryZoo thinks this is a fantastic idea – stations all round the world could do the same! Not only would it encourage learning and appreciation of poetry, but imagine how much more pleasurable it would make getting to work…  Though if reciters get stuck half way through, will they just get a one-way ticket?


by The PoetryZoo Keeper